Many sexual infections and diseases (STDs or STIs) have minor symptoms, and some (such as chlamydia) have no symptoms at all, meaning you may not be aware that there is anything wrong. A regular full sexual health screen is highly recommended if you are regularly having or have had unprotected sex, whether or not you have the symptoms below.


Typical symptoms of STDs and STIs include:

• penile or vaginal discharge
• growths, bumps, or changes in the skin of your genitals
• sores or blistering on or around your genital area
• itching, sore, swollen, or painful genitals
• pain during or after urination
• pain during or after sexual intercourse
• bleeding after sexual intercourse
• burning sensations


At KUER Clinic, we offer a basic and superior sexual screens for HIV, AIDS and all other STI/STDs including Herpes, Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV etc. if you have any particular sexual health concerns our specialist doctors at KUER are expert diagnosticians in this area.

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