Facial Aesthetics Clinic Harley Street

KUER Clinic specializes in non-invasive, fast turnaround treatments designed to enhance each patient’s individual look and unique beauty. Our KUER anti-aging product range can be used to address specific concerns and boost and support the skin’s natural process of cellular rejuvenation.
At The KUER Clinic, our top priority is our patient’s safety. The procedures and clinical products we use are of the highest standard and quality. We only use the latest, safest, scientifically certified techniques.

Radiant + Youthful with Kuer

At KUER, our aim is to keep our clients looking radiant, vibrant and youthful. In the field of medical aesthetics and cosmetics there has never been a greater amount of treatments to choose from. At KUER Clinic we keep your choices simple. Our medical specialists reputation in the area of medical and facial aesthetics is second to none. Our medical team, staff and procedures operate within the highest levels of care.
KUER Clinic is known as one of London’s premier anti-aging and longevity centers for face and body. With more than 25 years of experience and expertise, Dr Almeida and out team of KUER doctors provide an expert level of knowledge and understanding in this field.

Facial Vitamin Injections London

Facial Revitilization using vitamins and Hialuronic acid
£170 per session/ £455 for 3 sessions (recommended)

Botox Harley Street

  • 1 area £195
  • 2 areas £295
  • 3 areas £395
  • Nefertiti neck lift  £300
 For more information on Botox injections at KUER click here

Dermal Fillers Harley Street

  • Radiesse dermal filler and Hyaluronic acid filler
  • Lips £250
  • Nasolabial folds £350
  • Marionette lines £350
  • Cheeks (per cheek)   £400
  • Radiesse for sagging jowls £900
  • Smokers lip £250

Fine Thread Contouring “Threading” (Non surgical facelift)

  • Face £625
  • Neck   £525
  • Face and neck £995

Vein, Scar + Mole Removal

  • Facial Vein Thermocoagulation                        £220 – £400
  • Keloid scarring; steroid injection                     £265
  • Mole removal using laser (1)                         £425

Body Treatments

  • – Hand rejuvenation package – Radiesse filler used in conjunction with hyaluronic acid mesotherapy                                  £800
  • – Hyperhidrosis                                                 £600
  • – Keloid scarring; steroid injection                     £265
  • – Mole removal using laser (1)                         £425
  • – Skin tags, warts an verruca removal – per session £185
  • – Condiloma removal (genital warts) from                   £425

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