“I knew something was wrong, I had gained a lot of weight, my mood was different and I felt tired all the time. I needed help so I went to Kuer and was positively tested with a Thyroid disorder the same day. The treatment I have received has given me my life back. Thank you so much.” Mary Collins, London

Thyroid Problems?

Same Day Thyroid Function Testing

If you require a thyroid function test please contact Kuer Clinic today for an appointment. We endeavour to offer the most convenient times for you and offer a same day test results where required.

Thyroid Problems, need answers fast?

If you suspect that you may have an thyroid imbalance it is important that you address this as quickly as possible.

Common Thyroid Disfunction Symptoms Include:

  • Fatigue/Tiredness
  • Muscle + Joint Aches & Pains
  • Changes in your menstrual cycle
  • Weight gain

Same Day Thyroid Test Results

Our state of the art private medical clinic offers a range of same day blood testing including ‘thyroid testing‘.

Skilled + Experienced Doctors

Our team of Private doctors and consultants are available to discuss your test results in order to take a course of action.

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Kuer is regarded as one of London’s premier private health clinics employing some of the world’s leading medical experts.

Our team of private doctors, consultants and therapists have over 120 years of combined medical experience.

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